Conan O’Brien visits a South Korean PC bang, eats snacks, plays games


Oh Conan O’Brien, you really are the clowniest of clowns. The talk show host, who’s become a permanent fixture in the video game world thanks to his hilarious Clueless Gamer segments and surprise reveals of crappy box art, recently took his show on the road all the way to South Korea. Naturally, this prompted him to visit one of the local “PC bangs” (essentially a 24-hour gaming café), where he enjoyed a spot of StarCraft and Sudden Attack, which is kind of like a Korean Counter-Strike.

Forget the games though. This is really all about the squiddy snacks. It’s also nice to see that even in Korea, insulting the family members of complete strangers on the Internet is a time-honoured tradition.

And that’s it. That’s all I need to say really. Watch Conan in action below.

You don’t have to be xX_itz_h1tm4n_killa_nosc0pe_69_420_Xx (2) on PlayStation anymore