FF9 cover

Since launching for the original PlayStation way back in 2000, Final Fantasy IX has found its place in the hearts of JRPG fans around the world. Now it can also find a place in the hearts of PC gamers who’ve never had the chance to play it, because the game recently launched on Steam with a host of updates and extras.

The most noticeable thing about the port is its upgraded visuals, which feature new HD character models and cinematics. The backgrounds are the same as those used in the original, but hopefully these have aged well. An auto-save feature has been added, and Steam achievements and trading cards are present too. In an effort to appeal to those who have less time for grinding, seven in-game “boosters” can be toggled. These include No Encounter Mode, High-Speed Mode and the ability to always inflict the maximum amount of damage.

Currently, Final Fantasy IX is available at a discounted price of R184, but it’ll cost R230 after April 20th. I think the game is well worth the price. It’s a charming JRPG that feels worlds apart from the rest of the series.

Check it out on Steam.

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