DayZ creator’s new game is called Out of Ammo


RocketWerkz, aka “the studio founded by DayZ creator Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall”, has taken to Steam Early Access to release its debut title. It’s called Out of Ammo, and the team describes it as an “intense virtual reality strategy game”.

In other words, it’s a game that blends first-person shooting with strategy elements, and it’s exclusively powered by SteamVR and the HTC Vive. You can see it in motion for yourself in the launch trailer below.

I quite like the blocky, cartoonish style of the thing, even though at this stage it’s an aesthetic that’s obviously been done to death. The way it works is that you’re tasked with facing off against wave after wave of enemy troops, issuing orders to the units you deploy and constructing various defenses (like watchtowers and sandbag nests) to aid your survival. You’re able to take direct control of individual soldiers to help out wherever you’re needed, and one of the game’s strongest features is the physicality of things that’s afforded by the Vive VR headset and controllers. You’re able to use the motion tracking to intuitively seek cover, as well as lean around corners and over obstacles.

Currently there are five playable soldier classes to choose from (sniper, rifleman, medic, rocketeer and engineer) and four different environments (desert, alpine, woodland and urban) in which to make a mess, but the devs are already working on crafting fresh maps and content. RocketWerkz say they’re aiming for the game to make the transition from Early Access to full release within the next two to six months.

If you’re intrigued, grab the game via Steam for R159.

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