A game of sausages: Stephen’s Sausage Roll is a thing you should see


Stephen “increpare” Lavelle, creator of English Country Tune and PuzzleScript, is a much-respected name in the indie development community. Lavelle offers many, MANY highly interesting, highly experimental free games via his website, and he’s just released his second commercial project. It’s a puzzle game called Stephen’s Sausage Roll, and as the title suggests it’s a game about rolling sausages.


I’ll elaborate: you’re a small character wielding a big braai fork thingy, and it’s your job to roll giant sausages around the game’s levels, manoeuvring them onto grills so both sides can be cooked without getting burnt in the process. It sounds simple on paper, but naturally new sausage-mechanics and sausage-challenges present themselves as you sausage-progress. Here’s a trailer, which reveals pretty much nothing other than delicious sausages and endless puzzling possibility:

I haven’t had a chance to take it for a spin yet, but high-profile devs like Jonathan Blow (creator of Braid and The Witness) are raving about the genius of the thing, and that’s a pretty good indicator of whether or not you should be all over it.

The cheapest place to grab it if you’re in South Africa is via Steam for R319, but the Humble Store also has it available for $29.99.

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