Operation Supply Drop set to do a Twitch stream of a locally made game

Vietnam cover

Operation Supply Drop, an American military charity organisation, will be playing a locally developed game on their Twitch channel soon. They’ll be streaming Vietnam ’65, developed by Every Single Soldier, a team of people who clearly have a knack for creating intense strategy games.

According to a press release from RetroEpic (another local team helping to develop the game’s follow up, Afghanistan ’11), the stream starts at 2am (local time) on Thursday 21 April. The OSD channel (we’re going with acronyms now, because military) will be playing Vietnam ’65 for their Warrior Wednesday stream while also giving away codes for the game, donated by its publisher Slitherine. More codes will be given to veterans as well.

OSD is a charity organisation that assists veterans who are either currently deployed or hospitalised. Their mission statement is to “Bring Fun Where There is None”, and they do this by sending care packages of video games, merchandise and apparel to military installations and hospitals. Their website points out that they don’t just assist the US military, but they also send packages to their NATO and ANZAC allies.

Be sure to follow the Twitch channel to watch the game in action. If you want to buy Vietnam ’65 and support a local developer, pick it up on Steam and iOS.

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