Song of the Deep out in July, has new trailer


Insomniac Games’ beautiful-looking Metroidvania Song of the Deep now has a concrete release date. Inspired by Irish mythology, the game (which was announced earlier this year) sees a young woman by the name of Merryn combing the ocean’s depths for any sign of her lost father, who vanished during a routine fishing trip. Naturally, her father’s disappearance leads to Merryn building her own submarine after experiencing a vivid dream wherein her father was trapped in the game’s watery abyss. Sounds like a typical Sunday, that.

Intrigued? There’s a lovely new trailer after the break if you’d like to see it as moving pictures.

Boy, the look of this thing. It’s delightful. It delights me. I am delighted by it.

In keeping with its Metroidvania roots, you’ll unlock new abilities, submarine upgrades and weapons as you progress, which in turn will grant you access to previously inaccessible areas of the game. Clearly there’ll be some interesting oceanic foes to battle, alongside various puzzle elements.

Song of the Deep is due for release on July 12th 2016 for PC, PS4 and XBO.

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