Counter-Strike 1.6 unofficially arrives on Android devices


Google’s Play Store has been home to a slew of Counter-Strike clones for years now, but now you can play the real deal on your Android device, complete with touchscreen controls, multiplayer and even bots.

This unofficial endeavour has been made possible thanks to a person by the name of Alibek Omarov. He explains how to set up the mobile port on its official page, but be warned that it’s a rather technical undertaking. Be prepared to dig through directories and move files around on both your PC and Android device. Also take note that you’ll need a copy of the original Counter-Strike in your Steam library for this to work.

Touchscreen controls may not be ideal in such a fast-paced game, but Android supports peripherals and keyboard mappings to streamline the experience. It may not be CS:GO but it’s definitely CS-on-the-go. [HA! – Ed.]

Check out some gameplay below.

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