Rocket League goes Full Basketball next week


Rocket League, otherwise known as “that game with the cars wot fly and also there’s a big ball and stuff”, is adding a Hoops mode next week. Hoops is the immensely popular game’s take on basketball, and naturally it’ll generate added emphasis on the aerial side of the game.

It’s probably best if you see for yourself. Let’s watch the new mode’s trailer.

All that hot dunkin’ action will be landing via a free update, and I feel it’s important to mention that the arena in which it takes place is called Dunk House, which is just a great name and I’d very much like to visit there. All players will also receive a free flag accessory that celebrates the NBA, and if you’re big into basketball you’ll be able to grab 30 more NBA team flags via DLC, which’ll set you back around R30.

As for the mode itself, developer Psyonix says that “the net itself can be used as a ramp for the ball, and Aerials and wall-play is the key to victory”. It’ll be out next Tuesday, the 26th of April.