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SEGA was once a leading figure in the console wars of yore, but these days they’ve found other ways to stay relevant. Besides being the publishers of franchises like Total War, Alien and Sonic, they’re also able to capitalise on their nostalgia value. Case in point: SEGA has announced the Mega Drive Classics Hub, a cool way to view and play your Steam collection of Mega Drive games.

The Classics Hub will launch on Steam for free and you’ll be able to access it if you own any of the many Mega Drive games available on Steam. The video above shows off the hub as being the ’90s-style bedroom of a SEGA fan, wherein all your games are displayed on a shelf and SEGA merchandise is scattered everywhere. The hub also features a day-night cycle, for some reason.

In a post on SEGA’s website, community manager Daniel Sheridan discusses other features the Classics Hub will support, namely “spot-on emulation, local co-op for games that support it, optional graphic enhancement filters, the ability to save at any point in the gameplay, and full controller or keyboard support”.

Sheridan also announced that all Mega Drive titles will have full Steam Workshop support, and retro-obsessed modders will be able to spend time modding SEGA’s classics.

The Mega Drive Classics Hub will launch on April 28th, and any Mega Drive game you already own will be compatible with it. Now, show of hands comments: how badly do you wish Nintendo would do something like this?

Source: SEGA website

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