360In a post on Xbox Wire, head of Xbox Phil Spencer announced that Microsoft will no longer be manufacturing new Xbox 360s. This ends the console’s 10-and-a-half year production run, and marks a significant event in modern gaming.

In the post, Spencer reassures that support for the console won’t be ending. Existing stock will continue to be sold depending on availability, which includes peripherals and physical games. Nothing is changing digitally, and Spencer confirmed that Xbox LIVE services will continue running for the console. This means that existing and new 360 gamers can still play online, purchase games digitally and receive free titles monthly via the Games with Gold subscription service. And, of course, more and more Xbox 360 games are being made backwards compatible with the Xbox One.

Without a doubt, the Xbox 360 helped shape the modern gaming environment. It always boasted a competitive price and extremely healthy support from third-party developers, two factors that are critical to consoles. It brought online gaming to the masses, taking what the original Xbox started and turning it into a global phenomenon. 11 years ago, PC games advertised that they were “gamepad compatible” as if it was a unique feature. Now, 360 controller support is expected. The earliest console Let’s Plays were done on 360, and it even brought two people together in an adorable story of love and Gears of War. It didn’t lead the Seventh Generation of Consoles in terms of sales, but the Xbox 360 nevertheless defined the previous generation.

Source: Xbox Wire

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