Check out Ruiner, a stylish sci-fi shooter


Ready for a neon-soaked sci-fi revenge story set in a dystopian future? I know I am, particularly because Ruiner just popped onto my radar and it’s looking pretty sweet. The game is a beautiful isometric shooter, and the announcement trailer shows off its fast-paced gunplay.

The trailer doesn’t offer much by way of story, but the official Ruiner website features a prologue that sets up the game. Ruiner takes place in the fictional cyberpunk city of Rengkok. It’s a dark, hostile place, and its lowly citizens live in the shadow of massive corporations like the sinister-seeming Heaven. Your character is fighting to avenge their brother, who’s been “disappeared” by one of the corporations.

Ruiner is in development at Reikon Games, a team comprised of veteran game developers. Collectively they’ve worked on The Witcher 1-3, Dead Island and Dying Light. The game is being built using Unreal Engine 4, and they’ve received an Unreal Dev Grant from Epic Games.

Ruiner is set to launch sometime in 2016 for PC, Mac and Linux.

Source: Official Ruiner website