Don’t Starve Together exits Early Access


It’s been in Early Access for almost a year and a half, but Don’t Starve Together – the standalone multiplayer expansion to Klei Entertainment’s immensely popular survival game Don’t Starve – has finally stepped into the warm light of Full Release.

Don’t Starve Together ships with Reign of Giants (the first Don’t Starve expansion) included, and the official release brings with it a bunch of sexy added goodies. Also: launch trailer!

Even after all this time and countless hours spent playing vanilla Don’t Starve (and by “playing”, I mean “consistently getting savagely murdered by things I’ll never understand”), I still can’t get enough of that Tim Burton-y visual style.

The release version adds Maxwell as a playable character, who Don’t Starve veterans will recognise as “that guy who warns you not to starve at the start of every game”. Also: working caves! Moreover, it brings with it a bunch of final polish and bug fixes, which you can read all about here.

Klei has also begun work on Through the Ages, an expansion to Don’t Starve Together that’ll bring with it a host of fresh stuff to play with. They explain that “the focus of TTA is the evolution of your world over a longer period of time, and more variation between worlds”. As for Shipwrecked, the second Don’t Starve expansion, Klei say they’ve currently got no plans to bring it to DST, but they’ll be evaluating the possibility.

Don’t Starve Together can currently be had via Steam at a discounted price of R106 until April 28th. Thereafter it’ll return to its regular price of R159.