The Borderlands series is, without a doubt, my favourite RPG shooter series of all time, and it’s the one that I’ve wasted invested the most time on by far. The world of Pandora and it’s moon, the characters and their motivations, and the disturbingly cheerful state of mind Claptrap always has just adds flavour to a fun fps with Diablo roots. Even Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, largely canned by fans due to the Australian accents and unfulfilling side missions, manages to keep me entertained while I learn about Handsome Jack’s past.

The series ended with Borderlands 2, where a star map obtained at the end of the game shows many other worlds that contain vaults just like Pandora’s, leaving the door wide open for a third adventure with new vault hunters. During a panel at PAX East 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts, Gearbox chief Randy Pitchford discussed the early development of Borderlands 3, and revealed a few new details for fans like me who are eager to see the series continue.

Pitchford revealed first that the game’s name wasn’t even decided yet – it could be labeled Borderlands 3 or 4, depending on how they count The Pre-Sequel into the picture. TPS doesn’t continue the story in any way, so calling this new sequel Borderlands 3 would be the more logical decision.

The art department will be headed up by Scott Kester, the art director for Battleborn and Borderlands 2. The story will be written by Mikey Neumann, who also wrote the story for Borderlands. “Everyone dies horribly”, jokes Neumann when asked about hints for the ending. The game will feature prominent characters from the series, and will be a ground-up build made especially for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Hopefully, that will also mean a DirectX 12 title, but I’d also settle for some DX12-only special effects for anyone running the game on Windows 10 with the right graphics card.

If you’ve never played the Borderlands series (which also includes Tales from the Borderlands), I highly encourage and recommend it. I’d also suggest picking up Poker Night 2 for the hilarious lines by Claptrap.

Source: Techspot

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