For some reason, many gamers still hate Steam. I’m not a fan of DRM myself, but I don’t believe the platform is nearly as bad as some people make it out to be. It’s probably the most essential application in any PC gamer’s arsenal, so the only thing to do is try and make the best of it. In this series, I’ll be taking a look at some handy Steam tweaks, as well as highlighting useful third-party apps.

The first entry in the latter category is the aptly-named Steam Cleaner. When Steam installs a game, it also installs a bunch of required codecs and runtimes. These are left in each game’s directory and begin to eat up storage space, especially when you’re dealing with an extensive library of games. Steam Cleaner is a nifty app that scans for these files and removes them with a single click, potentially freeing up gigabytes of storage. It even works with other game clients such as Origin, Desura and Uplay. I personally was able to recover nearly 7GB of space after running it.

Snag it here. Unfortunately it’s only for Windows at the moment, but its open-source nature means it’s likely somebody will port it to OS X and Linux in the future.

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