I didn’t play nearly enough of 2013’s Shadow Warrior reboot to form any sort of valuable opinion about it (because magazine deadline rushes are deadly), but what little I did play of it was exactly the sort of gory, chaotic fun I’d expect from anything wielding the Shadow Warrior name. Also, its melee combat is brilliant.

There’s a sequel incoming, and if you’re keen to see why this has got many, MANY people terribly excited, come have a look at the 12 minutes of brutal Shadow Warrior 2 goodness that’s contained in the new trailer below the break.

Delicious. I like how fast-paced it is, the sense of speed and fluidity in its movement. Those special attacks and abilities are really fancy too. You’ll be able to play it cooperatively with up to three other humans if you’re so inclined, and the devs explain that the environments are partially procedurally generated to keep things fresh on repeat visits.

Shadow Warrior 2 is due out sometime this year. It’ll have over 70 weapons in it, which feels like a mighty impressive number. Right now seems an appropriate time to initiate Excitement Mode.

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