XCOM 2 gets Predator cosplay mod

xcom predator

What’s better than a bunch of guys with ballistic vests and guns? Predators. Because when you’re dealing with a hostile alien invasion, there’s only one way to be sure. Okay, technically, taking off and nuking the entire site from orbit is probably it, but this isn’t a bad plan B.

The “Predator Outfits” mod for XCOM 2 by Steam Workshop users ObelixDk and Swinka is exactly what it says on the virtual box – it’s, you know, Predator outfits for XCOM 2. Because why? Because why not, and also because Predator. The mod includes retractable wrist blades and even a working shoulder cannon, oh-em-gee. It’s currently available as a “VERY early version”, but whatever, it’s Predator.


The same team has also released two other Predator mods for the game, so you can triple-up for maximum authenticity. You’ll have to get to the choppa on your own, though.

XCOM 2 is out now on PC. In his gushing 92/100 review, Dane called it “one of the finest games I’ve ever played”, and he may or may not have cried. He probably totally cried.

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