It’s a bit hard to argue against ASUS going insane with the GX700. Even Neo thought it was a crazy system to own and use during his review. If I have to use a car analogy for it, the GX700 is the Lamborghini Diablo for the gaming notebook market – absurdly fast, impractical for a lot of things, extremely expensive, and nothing can keep up with it. It’s quite possibly the only notebook in the world that easily justifies its price tag by going, “look at what I can do!” And soon, you’ll be able to buy one in South Africa.

In a press release sent to the media, ASUS South Africa confirmed that the GX700 would be launching locally in April 2016, and looking at the date on your calendar would tell you that April is nearly over, so we won’t have long to wait.

ASUS mentioned stock availability at Evetech and The Notebook Company, but listings for the GX700 on both sites aren’t live yet, and it’s possible that ASUS is negotiating the price of the GX700 to make it more attractive to buyers.

ASUS was also proud to announce that the GX700 equipped with a 4K display was the world’s first 4K G-SYNC gaming laptop on the market, which is a significant achievement. While the Geforce GTX 980 is definitely up to spec for gaming at 4K, G-SYNC will help to smooth out the frame delivery and keep the game feeling smooth when the framerate drops unexpectedly.

ASUS also sent the GX700 off to the HWBot offices to set some world records, and came away with two first-place rankings for Intel XTU and 3DMark Firestrike. It’s almost unfair that it’s competing on its own as the only water-cooled notebook in the world, and I hope to see more submissions of the same nature from other GX700 owners in the future.

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