It’s not long before Blizzard’s team-based, multiplayer-centric first-person shooter Overwatch lands, and this thing threatens to consume a significant chunk of the time I usually reserve for sleeping. But I will endure!

One of the game’s most prominent mascots, Wilson the gorilla scientist (he’s really Beast from X-Men; you’re not fooling anyone Blizzard), is the star of a new trailer for the game that aims to not only explain what the organisation known as Overwatch is and why it exists, but also to let us know that the game will soon host an open beta on PC and console for everyone to enjoy.

The open beta will commence on May 5th at 4pm PDT (which I think translates to 1am on May 6th for us here in South Africa) and will run until May 9th (or May 10th for us). If you pre-ordered the game before April 29th, you should already have access to the beta thanks to the apparent powers of Early Access. It’ll be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Overwatch is all set for release on May 24th.

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