Dangerous Golf, the debut game from Three Fields Entertainment (a studio comprised of ex-Criterion developers, creators of the Burnout franchise), is due out this June. This is deeply exciting to me, as I not-so-subtly explained when it was first announced a few months back.

There’s new footage of the game in action, which highlights its deliciously fiery, physics-driven destruction. I really think you should take my hand and follow me below, because you’re going to want to see this.

Wow! That’s pretty much exactly what Burnout would be if you replaced all the cars and racing and stuff with little flaming white balls and stacks of crockery and things. The video’s pretty self-explanatory: you send a deadly golf ball crashing through a variety of indoor locations suspiciously packed full of breakable bits, doing trick shots and smashing valuable crap to smithereens in the pursuit of high scores and wacky glory. There’ll be online and offline turn-based multiplayer, so you can golf-smash with friends.

Here’s a second trailer, set in a different environment:

I’m upset that this isn’t EXACTLY what golf is. Honestly, those popping champagne bottles are just the best. Dangerous Golf will be available to digitally purchase on June 3rd for PC, PS4 and XBO.

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