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So you want a desk mat, but all the ones you’ve seen so far are too small, or too short. Huge mouse mats are great, but sometimes you want that same surface for your keyboard. Although a lot of companies compete in this space, including hardware vendors with branded versions of existing products. ASUS has chosen to throw their hat into the ring and bet on their ROG Sheath, a new desktop gaming mat that seems to be a much better fit than most others, especially if you’re a laptop gamer. Hit the jump for more.

Measuring 900mm by 440mm, the ROG Sheath is easily one of the largest desk mats on the market. ASUS seems to have paid close attention to quality, because the mat has a rubberised base and a sitched edge seam, which prevents it from fraying and lifting over time. ASUS also claims that the Sheath  has been engineered to work with most mice, including its own ROG Sica, Strix Claw, and ROG Gladius.

ASUS ROG Sheath (2)

Being 440mm deep is also beneficial if you’re a laptop gamer. You can easily fit most notebooks on it, but I think the ROG G700 would be quite a tight fit. It could make for a nice mat to lug with you to a LAN, because it’ll feel better than the feel of the cold steel tables that you commonly see at large LAN events.

Pricing and availability hasn’t been determined by ASUS yet, but I think we’ll see this coming out before the end of the month. I’ve been looking around for an extended desk mat for my own table, and perhaps this could be what I’ll end up with.

Source: Hexus

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