battlefield 5 teaser premiere

You just know this is going to be big. Tonight, at approximately 10PM SAST, Electronic Arts and DICE will be showcasing the next Battlefield game, which currently doesn’t have a name yet. We’ve already seen Activision’s answer to the latest installment in the franchise with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, but DICE has yet to reveal in which direction the series will be moving towards – the future, or the past? I wager it’s a bit of both, and I’m eager to see how much attention the developers are paying to DirectX 12. Hit the jump for more, including that sweet teaser trailer again.

If we’re lucky, we’ll also see some hardware announcements by AMD for their new Polaris-based graphics cards, and DICE may even announce support for the Vulkan API, which would be the first AAA game to ever do so. Battlefield 4 was the first commercial AAA release to support AMD’s Mantle API, and it was a resounding technical success, all things concerned. Vulkan, however, is superior and multi-platform, and it gives AMD a chance to step away from the limelight and let the Khronos Group take center stage once more with new versions of OpenGL and the Vulkan API.

The question on everyone’s minds after the teaser trailer reveal, though, is whether NVIDIA has any involvement in the game. The quick video only shows the facial features of the soldier presumed to be the protagonist, and not only is the detail so unreal, it’s also very close to what NVIDIA was doing with FaceWorks, also known as the Digitial Ira demo when it was first shown off in 2013. It took a single Geforce GTX Titan to render that demo fluidly, but we’ve since evolved to the stage where that same demo could run fairly well on a Geforce GTX 970 or an AMD Radeon R9 290.

You can follow all the action here, at Stay tuned to NAG Online for the highlights summary as well.

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