nvidia pascal teaser twitch

UPDATE: NVIDIA’s countdown timer lead to nothing. Nothing at all. Instead, the orderof10.com website went down, and this post on the Geforce webpage went up to tell everyone to watch the Twitch stream. So, I guess we’ll all have to wait for the 3AM stream then. GREAT! -_-

NVIDIA’s going to be a huge busybody in the next two days. Tonight, at approximately 7PM SAST, they’re hosting a Geforce event that will have coverage of their Pascal architecture and the cards associated with it, and we’ll get some details about the forthcoming GTX 1080 and GTX 1070. These cards are so very close to launch and I know that a few are floating around to reviewers as we speak, so this is a hugely aggressive push by NVIDIA for the next generation of Geforce. You can follow all the action via this link. I’ll have a highlights article posted up after that¬†event is over.

If you’re also the early bird type and want to see more of these cards, NVIDIA is having a special Twitch stream at 3AM SAST which will have NVIDIA’s dedicated team of streamers, and possibly some of their engineers, demonstrate the latest cards running a few games. Waking up at 3AM is hard for most people, but there might be some interesting details and announcements made at that time. You can follow that stream via this link.

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