The DOOM launch trailer gets knee-deep in the dead

doom 4

Hello, 1993? It’s the new DOOM trailer calling. I’ve got your old school retro cool LOCKED AND LOADED IN MY LUDICROUSLY OVERSIZED GUN AND I’M TOTALLY NOT COMPENSATING FOR **** RAAAAARGH.

Ahead of the reboot’s rebooting next week, id and Bethesda are dialling the hype-o-meter to super-mega-ultra-max with this guts ‘n’ gibs ‘n’ gores DOOM campaign trailer that goes straight to Hell with a remix of the original E1M1 theme. The nostalgia is real, guys.

Also, that part at 0:54? It’s only the original box art.

Was it always this homoerotic?
But without the gratuitous abs.

DOOM is out on Friday, 13 May on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.