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Greetings NAGuffians, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming, this week in your regularly scheduled time slot. This time around  we have Windows 10 making their final ploy for global domination, Evolve‘s devs are working on something new, the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare reveal not going according to plan, the announcement of the new Battlefield going a whole lot better, Overwatch beta discussion, Dark Souls boardgame updates and a little more info on the new Pokemon title. All that juicy gossip, some videos and highlights, after the jump.

Windows will stop nagging you end of July

If you’ve been holding out on Windows 10 despite Microsoft trying to shove it down your throat at every opportunity – congratulations. You’re a better man than I; I caved a couple of months ago and welcomed my new robot overlord.

Microsoft have now stated however that come the 29th of July, all those notifications will stop. What will also stop, however, is your ability to upgrade to Windows 10 for free.

For the conspiracy theorists and the pessimists, a free upgrade might sound a little too good to be true. After all, what’s to stop the mighty Microsoft from turning Windows 10 into some kind of subscription service that makes you pay for future updates?

Perhaps picking up on that reluctance, those fears were laid to rest by the company’s marketing manager, Bryan Roper, who said this week in a video that upgrading to Windows 10 means all future updates are free.

I’ve been using it for a bit and I can say that it’s fine. Most of the BS of the early release has been worked out, so now is probably a good time to secure your free upgrade.

Evolve studio hiring for a new project

Turtle Rock Studios are moving on to the next thing; which makes sense since Evolve is essentially dead in the water. A game that relies on having other people to play with, the numbers had recently dwindled to the lower hundreds mark for monthly players.

It’s kind of disappointing too. Leading up to Evolve’s release I was super stoked to see an FPS doing something totally new and different, not just another Call of Duty clone getting run off the mill. Of course I’m part of the problem, because I never actually bought Evolve.

As for this new project, we know nothing at this point, except that it’ll be a “cutting-edge” game. Something tells me Turtle Rock may go a little safer this time, and pander more to the popular interest. Which is sad; I’d love to see them try do something completely different again.

It just... could have been so much better.
It just… could have been so much better.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare trailer the most disliked gaming video of all time

Yes, even more than PewDiePie. The reveal trailer for the latest Call of Duty has been met with mass fan disapproval, and the downvote brigade was strong enough to force a response from Activision.

CEO Eric Hirshberg was unfazed, saying they’d seen this kind of response before. Black Ops 2 was previously their most downvoted trailer, and also their most successful game. I guess he has a point.

Honestly, Activision has little cause for concern at this point – with that I agree. Seemingly every time a new Call of Duty comes out everybody has some big issue that results in a boycott movement, which then falls apart when everybody goes out and buys the game anyway.

The issues here seem to be twofold. The first issue people have with the trailer is that it’s gone even further in the future, with space stuff happening. Many feel that the futuristic feel has worn out its welcome, and personally I couldn’t agree more.

The other reason people are unhappy is that the Call of Duty 4 Remastered content is bundled with the game and can’t be bought separately. I can tell you with 100% certainty that I would have bought the remaster and not the new game; I suppose Activision knows that.

In spite of all of this though I must say – it’s just not a very good trailer. It doesn’t have that same “epic” feel that the other games show off, and the whole thing feels a little disjointed and awkward, without that silky-smooth gameplay CoD games can usually boast.

I really would love to go back to an older theme at this point though. All the technology these futuristic entries bring invariably ruins the gameplay experience for me – I want that no-frills shooting action we got in the likes of the second game.

Battlefield 1 announced

Well would you looky here? The new Battlefield was just announced, and its set in World War I. Yup, we’re going back to tanks, biplanes, artillery and trench warfare.

I’m not choosing favourites here, but in my opinion this trailer absolutely kicks the pants off of Call of Duty’s. It looks incredible, check it out:

The game is available globally on October 21, with Xbox One apparently be getting it a few days earlier thanks to some kind of deal. For the full breakdown, check out Wesley Fick’s comprehensive overview here.

Overwatch launches open beta, discusses new content

If you’re reading this on Saturday, you have until Monday to download and play the Overwatch beta.

According to game director Jeff Kaplan, the only thing missing is Competitive Play, which he feels isn’t quite ready yet after some community feedback.

The full game launches on the 24th of May, and according to Kaplan, what you experience in the beta will mirror your experience at launch – this will be the version they go live with, excepting some small changes.

That being said, Kaplan did tease that they would be adding “a TON of post-launch features and content. It’s going to be a pretty amazing summer”. Winter, for those of us down South.

Dark Souls board game continuing to smash its goal

You may remember a couple of weeks back that the Dark Souls board game reached its goal of 50,000 GBP in three minutes. After the first day, that number had climbed to half a million pounds.

With ten days to go, the project has raised over two million, and yet another stretch goal has been unlocked adding three mini-bosses to the game.

You can even buy an expansion with the game now – that’s right, before it’s even been released. As a recent boardgame convert myself, all this attention is great for the boardgaming community in general, and the name power of Dark Souls is proving to be formidable indeed.

New Pokemon Sun and Moon details coming next week

Rabid Pokemon fans are foaming at the mouth for updates on the upcoming Sun and Moon, with previous promises of “gameplay footage” showing absolutely no gameplay at all.

Now one of the developers at GameFreak, the Pokemon studio since forever, has said that new details will be arriving on Tuesday 10 May.

No details have been released on the 3DS game as yet, except for the Pokemon Bank functionality which will allow players to move captured Pokemon from older games into Sun and Moon. The games are set to release in the holiday season this year.

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