Hand-drawn chaos: State of Anarchy out now


Formerly known as Crisis (the winning game of the 2015 Global Game Jam), State of Anarchy is basically a cartoon-ified, hand-drawn take on the original Grand Theft Auto. It’s adorably crude and violent, and if such a thing isn’t enough to brighten up this Monday-ish Monday, then we are truly doomed.

To be clear, it’s not quite as complex or polished as GTA – but considering it’ll set you back just R12, it doesn’t need to be. Come, see it in motion below.

I like how the music changes when you enter vehicles. That’s the sort of thing people far cooler than me call “a nice touch”. Maybe.

You’ll find 10 weapons in the game, along with 15 enemy types, two difficulty levels (one allows you to save your game, the other doesn’t) and a “character development system”. If you’ve got R12 to spare and State of Anarchy presently appeals to you more than, I don’t know, tipping a car guard or buying a really fancy apple, you’ll find it on Steam.

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