New Grand Theft Auto Online content allows for sick flips and drug deals

GTA Cover

The next content pack for Grand Theft Auto Online clearly recognises the trend of players using the game’s Content Creator tools to create stunt courses, loops and towering ramps, as it’s tailored towards creating similarly mad stunts.

According to a post on the Rockstar blog, the content package is called Cunning Stunts (aren’t spoonerisms great?) and it brings with it stunt-ready vehicles, props and tweaks to the Creator mode. The post also talks about new gear, so I’m assuming new clothes and accessories will be added too.

Alongside Cunning Stunts is an expansion to the already-released Executives and Other Criminals pack. Players will be able to buy new properties as organisation headquarters and embark with their crew to steal shipments of narcotics, jewels and medical supplies. In a move reminiscent of GTA: Chinatown Wars, players will be able to buy and sell their stored contraband to maximise profits. A new Adversary Mode is launching too, called In and Out. This acts like a one-sided capture the flag, with an outnumbered team of defenders protecting a package from capture.

Cunning stunts

Rockstar didn’t mention a release date for Cunning Stunts.

Source: Rockstar blog

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