overwatch bastion

Bastion. You can hear the rage-foam dripping off every syllable, and it’s not necessarily unreasonable – if you’ve played Overwatch, you’ve gotten totally wrecked by Bastion. “You’ll get totally wrecked by Bastion” is probably the second rule of the game, behind “you’ll die just before the kill the other guy, every time”, and ahead of “you’ll never be as good at Zenyatta as the enemy team’s Zenyatta”. But is Bastion the worst, or does everybody else simply suck at out-manoeuvring his mega-turret-o’-death? According to Blizzard, it’s a tactical thing.

Responding on Twitter to a zillion requests that they nuke Bastion from the game’s roster, Blizzard’s social media hero suggests mixing up those counter-measures. Over and over and over. I assume it’s a keyboard macro at this point.

It kind of reminds me of Team Fortress 2 back in the way back when ago, and not just because Overwatch is basically Team Fortress 2.0. Except in Team Fortress 2, every class was the worst for this, that, or the other reason, depending on who deaded you last. Sniper? The worst. Engineer? The worst. Demo? THE WORST. For me, Overwatch‘s worst isn’t even Bastion, it’s Reaper. Because stuff you, Reaper and your stupid guns. You’re the worst.

Via Destructoid.