Tomorrow is May 13 2016. Friday the 13th, in other words. It’s also the day the new Doom arrives. In spite of my storied history with id’s much-loved franchise, I’ve managed to keep my excitement for the newest game in this intensely influential series mostly contained – but I’ve got to say, the last few times I’ve seen Doom in motion have made me feel things. Powerful things.

I mean really, just look at the thing’s launch trailer. JUST LOOK AT IT. Now, Bethesda and id have released a new video wherein some of the game’s developers detail Doom‘s progression system, the meatiness of its weapons and the ferocious speed at which you’re able to plow through your demonic foes. It’s below.

Sweet jeebus, I love the speed and fluidity of it. I’m hoping it’ll play as fast as it looks. It’s also really pretty, isn’t it? In its own grimy, gross sort of way, but pretty nonetheless.

I guess all that’s left to say is: please, please, please let it not be terrible. Oh PLEASE. At least we’ve only got to wait until tomorrow to find out. You’ll be able to grab the game for PC, PS4 and XBO.

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