Almost 10 million people played the Overwatch beta


You. Yes, you. And you. And you over there. And me. Let’s five ourselves a flying high five for being part of Blizzard’s biggest ever beta event, ever, next to actual, literal millions of other Overwatch players. Is this what it’s like to be cool, mom?

“We’re thrilled that such an incredible number of players from around the globe got a chance to check out Overwatch during the Open Beta,” Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime said in the press stuff. “Our mission was to make sure as many console and PC gamers as possible could experience the full game ahead of its launch – the response was overwhelming, and we hope that everyone had a blast.”

From 5-10 May, 9.7 million players on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 clocked 4.9 billion minutes (that’s over 9000 years! OVER 9000!) through 37 million matches, with each player averaging around 8.4 hours in the beta. That’s more than most people spend in a whole game.

Overwatch is out on 24 May.

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