Giblets: GDDR5X memory now in full swing at Micron’s factories

micron gddr5x

It looks like GDDR5X production at the Micron factory is now in full swing, benefiting NVIDIA and AMD a whole lot as both companies stand to gain the most from full GDDR5X production for their high-end GPU products. A blog post on Micron’s website butters up investors with talk about how they collaborated with NVIDIA for the Geforce GTX 1080 design, and the post also gives me a new acronym to remember for Micron’s product specifically: G5X (that’s really catchy!). The company’s official figures are 10Gb/s per chip for the memory on the GTX 1080, which could be replaced with a 12Gb/s offering in late 2016.

With NVIDIA calling dibs on the first batches of chips for the initial GTX 1080 rollout, which by now should be completed and shipping to partners in preparation for the 27 May launch, Micron is now in a position to sell their product to the rest of the industry, and I expect that we’ll see this advanced memory showing up alongside GDDR5X chips from Samsung and SK Hynix in the near future.

Source: Micron

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