Blood and wine cover

In a new developer diary, CD Projekt RED has shown off the massive world of Blood and Winethe final expansion pack for The Witcher 3. It looks like the expansion will send the game off with a bang.

It all takes place in the realm of Toussaint, which makes its money through a massive wine industry. Rival winemakers and vineyard owners have become like organised crime families, and have taken to sabotage and other forms of skulduggery. Monsters have also adapted to the region, and the expansion includes new additions to the bestiary, like giant centipedes.

Toussaint looks incredibly detailed too, with an interesting history and unique geo-political factors. Its major city is built on the ruins of an Elven city after its former population was impolitely removed, and it employs mercenary knights instead of a standing army.

Witcher 3 mushrooms

The video also goes into some story details: some new monster is terrorising Toussaint, and Geralt is hired to sort it out. The developers stress that this new foe will be his greatest challenge yet. Of course, given that this is The Witcher 3 were talking about, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be distracted along the way.

Blood and Wine is launching on May 31st for PC, PS4 and XBO.

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