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It’s funny how we’ve created an entire set of memes around a game company’s sale prices, but I think Valve is starting to take advantage of it and our self control is rapidly being stripped away each year. The Steam Summer/Winter sale is in sight now, and you might want to pin the date to your calendar – 23 June 2016. According to a leak on the Steam subreddit, a screencap of a message to developers from Valve confirms that the sale starts at 9:45AM Pacific time (6:45PM local), and there’s missing information cropped out of the picture about the discounts that Valve will be suggesting.

If you’re looking to buy this year, make sure you keep an eye out for the daily deals, and add any games you want into your wishlist starting now – you’ll be notified of any changes in price, and this saves you time spent looking around for deals and possibly buying other things that you want, but probably won’t end up playing.

Source: Reddit

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