HTC’s virtual reality headset, the Vive, started selling earlier this year, and is one of the contenders to take the market from Oculus, who has already suffered launch issues and numerous delays. When the Vive launched, no official Linux support was on the cards yet, which was puzzling given HTC’s partnership with Valve to get the Vive working in some games and live demos. Well, it turns out that things are still on track for Linux users, as a recent set of driver updates and new code now allows Vive owners to take their headset for a spin. You’ll have to jump through several hoops, as this is a third-party workaround for now.

Although this isn’t officially supported by Valve or HTC, the writing is on the wall for SteamOS to support the headset pretty soon. Valve might promote using SteamOS over any other distribution, as they have more control over the OS and how it composites images on the Vive’s display.

Source: Gaming on Linux

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