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Riot Games is implementing a feature to help reduce imbalanced games in their monstrously popular MOBA League of Legends. A post on the game’s site details the new “/remake” feature. Read on to find out what it is.

/remake works quite simply: if players find themselves in a game where one or more of their comrades is flagged as disconnected, or away from keyboard, they can type “/remake” in the chat. This triggers a vote within the short-handed team, and if two players vote positively, the match is restarted, consequence free. The vote can only be triggered within the first three minutes of match time, and if the player in question has been idle for 90 seconds or more. Also, the vote can’t be cast after first blood.

Riot stresses that all players active in the match will not suffer a change to their win/loss record and no changes will be made to their in-game stats. However, the player or players that were flagged as DC or AFK will be treated as having lost the match, and their accounts will be flagged by Leaver Buster.

Riot acknowledges that stomping an understaffed team can be fun sometimes, but says the /remake addition will keep things fun and challenging for all players. The /remake functionality will be made available worldwide after a beta test in North America.

Source: League of Legends official site

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