Some guy has finished Doom on Ultra Nightmare


What’s so impressive about that? Oh nothing, except that it’s the game’s super-mega hardest “Nightmare” difficulty with permadeath enabled. If you die, it’s game over. Just like real life. If real life were a demonic invasion at the office, anyway. So, basically, a Monday.

YouTuber Zero Master has accomplished what not even Doom developers at id Software could do, and only two days after the game’s launch. I’m sure everybody over there is appropriately embarrassed.

“I run the game on low settings with minimal FOV, so I would recommend a different video if you are curious how it looks at better settings,” he explains in the video blurb.

“It’s not entertaining gameplay in some parts, but it gets the job done. Making a run this long was completely new for me, my longest single segment run was just under 45 minutes with my old Final Doom: TNT Evilution record. So almost 4 hours and 45 minutes was exhausting. That is also part of the reason why I couldn’t be bothered to grab some of the secrets, but I’m sure someone else can do a 100% run, it has never been my kind of thing.”

He also adds that, the previous day, he’d managed to get all the way to the final boss before dying. BUT NOT THIS DAY.

Via Eurogamer.