Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion leaked


Ahead of what was almost definitely a planned E3 announcement, Team Internet has leaked Destiny‘s next expansion, Rise of Iron. First blabbed on Reddit late last night, a report over on Kotaku has since confirmed it’s legit, citing anonymous “sources familiar with Bungie”.

According to the same article, the expansion – expected to drop in September – includes a new, “likely Fallen-themed” raid and “will be larger than the two year-one DLC packs”, The Dark Below and House of Wolves. Everything else is a matter of speculation for the moment, although it’s probably safe to assume it’s got something to do with the Iron Lords and/or the Iron Wolves. An alleged marketing poster for the expansion shows what looks like Iron Banner boss Lord Saladin with a flaming battleaxe and some exotic pets.

destiny rise of iron

And now, we wait.

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