asus rog 24

ASUS’ engineers seem to be on a roll, and it looks like they’ve been given free run of the ROG workshop for a while, complete with obscene amounts of candy for a permanent sugar high. The company’s concept department was crazy enough to recently build – and sell! – a water cooled laptop last year, and when Neo reviewed the ROG GX700, he struggled to find anything to complain about. ASUS recently started to tease their next project, and the picture above seems to match the paint job of the GX700’s metallic shell, and it probably retains the water cooling craziness as well – the ports seen in the picture above are the same found at the rear of the GX700, where the inlets connect to the dock to allow water to flow through.

But if water cooling wasn’t zany enough for you, the really crazy thing is the tags that ASUS used for the teaser for their next insane project, namely “24′ laptop”. Twenty four inches?! That thing is going to weigh at least seven kilograms all on its own. Computex 2016 is just around the corner, so we won’t have long to wait to see how insane this laptop turns out to be. I’m holding thumbs that Neo grabs one for review!

Source: ASUS

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