How have we not talked about Jengo before? I blame Dane because blaming myself would be stupid, and besides, it’s obviously Dane’s fault. Anyway, it’s a game by local indie developer Robot Wizard, and it looks amazing. Doesn’t it look amazing? It looks amazing.

The team has just released a new devblog video, featuring South African musos working on the project – including members of Underbelly, The Black Cat Bones, Boargazm, and The Drift – and a super adorable dog. WOOF. I mean, I’m more of a cat person, but now I’m just getting distracted.

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Inspired by classic LucasArts and Sierra adventure games, Jengo is about a gamer who gets trapped in a game’s world. So basically, it’s a game about what happened to me last weekend. Wait, no. It’s not. But I’d totally play that too.

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