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In an article on ESPN, professional eSports team FaZe Clan have announced their withdrawl from the World eSports Association (WESA). FaZe has cited reasons such as uneven representation, and a lack of transparency. Hit the jump for more.

In their statement to ESPN, FaZe mention that they believe a governing body such as WESA is a sound idea, but that its current form and structure leave something to be desired. “It doesn’t lack big metaphors of what it could be, but it lacks transparency on how to get there and that is the main reason for why we are leaving WESA”, they explained.

Rumours of friction between FaZa and WESA surfaced earlier this May, according to IGN. They reported that FaZe had raised concerns with WESA regarding the Association’s plans to monopolise marketing and representation for its teams. According to the article, FaZe wanted to stick with their current talent agency.

In a statement on their Facebook page, FaZe quelled any concerns that they would be excluded from future professional events. In their talks with the Electronic Sports League (ESL), who partially own WESA, FaZe was assured that they would receive invitations to WESA events regardless of their membership.

WESA was founded relatively recently, as a joint venture between eight of the largest profession eSports teams, including Virtus.Pro and Ninjas in Pjamas. These teams would work jointly to decide on tournament structure, and specialised rules. Howver, the association was hit with criticism regarding several flaws, as pointed out in this interview on Gamespot.

Source: ESPN

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