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It seems that AMD’s Radeon Graphics press event in Macau is underway, and several members of the international press and Youtubers have been invited by AMD to the Vegas-like Chinese city. It’s a spectactular backdrop to AMD’s next generation of products, and the event is veiled with such secrecy that it wasn’t officially acknowledged by the press until days before it began. One of the show’s attendees, editor-in-chief of ITCM magazine Daeguen Lee, is at the event, and has been live blogging his experience throughout it. The image above, showing that the NDA for all details at the event ends on 29 June 2016, means that a lot of what the press are seeing there isn’t just about Polaris – AMD is throwing in some Vega details in there too.

The 29 June NDA might throw things off a bit, but the date is very likely not a gag order on any details about AMD’s Polaris architecture and upcoming products. AMD is hosting a live stream on 31 May 2016 (which you can sign up for here), which will go into greater detail about Polaris and possibly some of the company’s other products. The NDA is probably for AMD’s future products which they’re not ready to reveal just yet, such as Vega and Zen. It’s been rumored that both products are way ahead of schedule and performing better than expected, hence the possibility of an October 2016 launch for those parts.\

These images were removed from Lee’s profile as I was finished writing this, so it’s possible that he forgot that the pictures were being uploaded to his profile.

AMD Macau event day one schedule

One of the other images Lee posted was of the schedules for the attendees, and it doesn’t mention anything about Polaris, although the page behind it does have the words,  “Po…” atop the table. Some of the entries in the schedule include a session on GPU architecture, as well as a session dedicated to discussing software for AMD’s new product. I don’t think that the first day is going to be strictly about Polaris and the company’s new GPUs, although I could be completely wrong. It makes sense though – AMD demonstrated Polaris GPUs at the beginning of 2016 at CES, and that same week this image popped up teasing some of the details about what had changed for the GCN architecture.

If AMD is going to start briefing people on Vega, now would be the perfect time to do it, especially if rumors are to be believed and Vega is ahead of schedule. The internet has been aflutter about the possibility of AMD releasing Vega and Zen at the same time, and given that NVIDIA has just played their hand with the Geforce GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 launches, AMD might now decide to take the spotlight after the craze has died down.

AMD’s Radeon Graphics press event is being held in Macau, China from 27 – 29 May 2016, and AMD’s special Computex livestream takes place next week on 31 May.

Source: 24liveblog

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