Absolver cover

I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for really good fighting animations. Maybe it’s my interest in martial arts, or maybe it’s an appreciation for the technology. Either way, it only took a few seconds of footage for Absolver to get me hooked. Hit the jump for more.

Absolver is the first title from SloClap, a French team comprised of several ex-Ubisoft developers. They’re pooling their considerable skills together to create an incredibly stylish and striking game. Absolver is an online action game, and casts players as Prospects, who are tasked with maintaining stability in the world by doing sweet kung-fu. Prospects will need to explore the world, meet other Prospects and mentors, gather weapons and armour, and improve their melee skills.

While the concept seems standard fare for an MMO, the combat and visuals are the biggest selling points. The muted colour palette and the character designs look great, and the real-time combat seems deep and complex. SloClap is promising a great deal of fluidity in the fighting, which features counters, feints, dodges, sword, and staff weapons.

Absolver is expected to launch sometime in 2017, for PC and currently unannounced consoles. More info over on the official website.

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