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I know what you’re thinking – “what is Elex?” Well, dear quizzical reader, Elex is the next game from Piranha Bytes, the developers behind the flawed-yet-popular Risen and Gothic series. Elex is a “science fantasy” third-person action RPG, and it’s just gotten its own website. Hit the jump for swords, jetpacks, and more.

Elex takes place on the planet of Magalan, which used to be a great place. Advanced technology, highly civilised, and with great craft beer breweries. Unfortunately, an inconvenient meteor hit the planet, which killed billions and pushed civilisation back into the medieval ages. Albeit, a medieval age with mechs and jetpacks.

Central to the storyline is the titular Elex, a rare element that can power technology or unlock magical abilities. The website also details four different factions: Bersekers, Albs, Clerics, and Outlaws. Each resides in vastly different geographical zones, and seeks to control and use Elex for their own purposes.

Elex mech

According to the website, Elex will have “one of the widest selections of weaponry in the history of role-playing”. Players can do battle with firearms, swords, hammers, axes, magic, and many more. The game also won’t feature a typical class system, and skill advancement is reliant on various NPC trainers who will teach your character new skills. Elex also promises an open world to explore from the get-go, and only powerful enemies will prevent you from exploring anything you see.

All in all, Elex looks more ambitious than Pirhana Bytes’ previous works. The mixture of high-fantasy and science fiction seems to blend together well, and I’ll be looking forward to this one. The website doesn’t mention a release date, but Elex is expected to launch for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Elex official website

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