I’m going out on a limb and assuming that most NAG Online readers skip the financial pages of the newspapers, right? After all, it’s just the part that delays us from reaching the comics. Well, this bit of financial and corporate news may interest you, because it relates to gaming.

Starting in February, French mass media corporation Vivendi began aggressively buying up Ubisoft stock in an attempted takeover of the company. In the latest news, Vivendi has now secured control over the mobile developer Gameloft, which was a Ubisoft subsidiary until recently.

This move now puts Vivendi at the head of a multiple award-winning mobile developer responsible for the Asphalt and Modern Combat series. Besides the expected financial gains, this also grants Vivendi access to potentially hundreds of millions of unique users’ data. According to a 2014 report, an average of 170 millions users played Gameloft titles, and I’m speculating that most of them registered some data with the company. Beyond the user data, Gameloft also reported advertising revenue of €1.2 million for April 2016, earned through its Gameloft Advertising Solutions campaign. The campaign advertises through Gameloft’s mobile games for companies such as Ford, Netflix, McDonalds, and many more. Long story short: Gameloft was raking in money.

According to a statement by Gameloft released in October 2015, Gameloft considered the takeover actions by Vivendi “unsolicited”, and sought to remain independent. Vivendi will likely continue its takeover of Ubisoft, of which it now controls nearly 18%.

Sources: Eurogamer, Gameloft Investor’s Home.

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