Primal Legends cover

Primal Legends has one hell of an elevator pitch. “What if Hearthstone and Candy Crush Saga had a baby?” A good question indeed, and the result is a promising-looking mix of collectible card game with competitive match-3 gameplay. Hit the jump for more.

In development at the French studio Kobojo, Primal Legends will be launching soon for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The game combines strategic deck-building and hero management, with familiar match-3 mechanics. According to a press release and the developer’s website, players are able to recruit from a pool of roughly 50 heroes who can be used in battles to deal damage, or use support abilities.

The storyline also seems more fleshed out than most other mobile titles, with a colourful cast of antropomorphic animals and a rich backstory. The adventure mode will feature more than 150 levels, and will task players with assembling an army, and bringing peace back to the world. The characters and artwork all remind me of the Redwall series, or the recently released Armello. However, the main focus of Primal Legends is PvP online duels, and Kobojo is aiming for the game to “reinvent the genre for players who are anything but ‘casual.’”

All in all, it sounds like a promising concept, and I’m quite excited to take it for a spin. Primal Legends doesn’t have a concrete release date yet, but it will be free to play, and support in-app purchases.

Source: Primal

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