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Water cooled graphics cards have been around for quite a while, but they’ve always had a bulky radiator and tubing attached to the card, resulting in a cumbersome implementation of water cooling that is better suited for use as a weapon to bludgeon people to death with. One company seems to have gotten it right, though, and its surprisingly practical. Colorful, the crazy GPU manufacturer from China (there really does seem to be a pattern here with the Asian-only GPU brands), has sought to design and bring to market a hybrid GPU cooler that incorporates the whole shop into the design – a radiator, pump, waterblock, and even fittings for a custom loop are accommodated for!

The Kudan cooler has been used by Colorful in one graphics card before the iGAME GeForce GTX 1080 – it was the iGAME GTX 980 Ti Kudan, which launched in April of this year for the top 1% of the Chinese market. There’s no telling why Colorful was so late, or why they chose the  GTX 980 Ti instead of the brand new, recently launched GTX 1080 once they knew about it. But, it looks like they’re going to continue using it, and they’re slapping a slightly revised edition of this cooler onto a GTX 1080.

Colorful iGame GTX 1080 Kudan (2)

Pictured above is the cooler, where you can see the integrated pump at the bottom as well as the radiator and tiny block connector to the top right of the triple-fan arrangement. The three 80mm fans seem to mimic XFX’s removable design, and the front plates can be unscrewed to pop the fans out for cleaning (Colorful even shipped a toolkit with the iGAME GTX 980 Ti Kudan for enthusiasts to take care of their GPU).

Colorful also seemingly intends to ship this cooler design on more than one GPU in its NVIDIA Pascal lineup. The cooler now has a name, the “Colorful Watersprout”, and it’s design has been made slightly more generic in order to fit on more board designs. It’s unknown at this point how much the iGAME GTX 1080 Kudan could retail for, or even if it’ll be available worldwide, but this cooler design needs to get out globally to cause a shakeup in the AIO cooler market.

Source: Techpowerup

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