Final Fantasy XII coming to PS4

FF Cover

First released waaay back in 2006 for the PS2, Final Fantasy XII (that’s 12 to the Roman-numeral impaired) was well received and critically acclaimed. It’s now the next game to join the growing roster of PS2 games playable on PS4, and it’s bringing a few upgrades with it.

According to a post on the PlayStation blog, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age will be an HD remake of the original. Besides the obligatory visual upgrades, the game also has a re-recorded soundtrack that takes advantage of modern music technology, a new character growth system, reduced loading times, auto-saves and PS4 Trophy support.

To those of you still burned-out from the Final Fantasy XIII saga, you should put aside your reservations and give this one a try when it comes out. The PS2 original was vast, detailed and highly immersive. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age will launch at an unconfirmed date in 2017, exclusive to PS4.

Source: PlayStation blog