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Released in February exclusively on PC, XCOM 2 sold like hotcakes and received massive amounts of critical acclaim. However, console peasants (such as yours truly) were left out of the fun. Thankfully, Firaxis has just announced that XCOM 2 will be coming to consoles.

The above trailer gives a glance at XCOM 2‘s accolades and some cinematics without showing off any gameplay. In a post on the PlayStation blog, lead producer Garth DeAngelis and creative director Jake Solomon from Firaxis offer more details. They say that Firaxis heard the impassioned whining mewling nagging requests from console users left out in the cold, which led to the port being made. The post also mentions the port is being handled externally by The Workshop, who have previously collaborated with other companies such as Bethesda and Gearbox.

Further details are available on the XCOM website, confirming that the game will also be available for Xbox One. The website also shows a pre-order incentive called the Resistance Warrior Pack, which confers additional customisation options and unlocks a special recruit. The previously released DLC packs will need to be purchased separately, but they’ll be bundled in the Digital Deluxe Edition. Hooray for capitalism?

XCOM 2 will launch for PS4 and XBO on September 9th 2016.

Sources: PlayStation blog, xcom.com

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