A MAZE. festival returns to Jo’burg this September


I was recently contacted by one of my super-secret media insiders (it’s Megan Hughes, she’s pretty cool) who sent me some information about the upcoming A MAZE festival. In previous years I’ve been aware of A MAZE, but have never had the chance to follow it too closely. I want to change that for this year, so I’m starting by sharing the information Megan gave to me.

A MAZE is a festival dedicated to gaming and interactive media. Megan describes it as a “celebration of games and digital experiences as a cultural phenomena”. Yep, sounds pretty cool. The festival started in Berlin in 2008, and has spread across Europe, South America, and parts of Asia. A MAZE Johannesburg will be returning for its fifth year in a row, and promises to be bigger than last year.

The festival will take place in Founder’s Square, Braamfontein, and will run from 31 August – 3 September. It’s open to the public, and includes game development workshops, an arcade with VR titles made in South Africa, and a music line-up that has been described as “ear-melting”.

Local developers and artists are encouraged to submit their works, be it a game, workshop, or a talk. Submissions run until 1 July, and anyone interested can follow this link to the submissions page for further details.

Alcohol and video games? I'm in...
Alcohol and video games? I’m in…

All in all, it sounds like it’s going to be a fun time, and good for the growth of the local gaming and technology scene. Be sure to check out the A MAZE Johannesburg website for further details, although it hasn’t been updated for the 2016 festival just yet.

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