Keeping in line with last year’s messaging and focus on the end user experience, Cooler Master had two venues at this year’s Computex expo: the private media tour and of course the expo show floor booth. Sporting different products and activities, Cooler Master has obviously diversified its appeal yet managed to communicate a single concise message which is “make it yours”.

As such, this year had a few improvements to products we have already seen and an introduction to newer products that do not necessarily expand on what is already there, but trim it down and update them for 2016 and beyond.


First up we have the Team Para Parachute experience on the show floor. Here, attendees could experience a simulated parachuting experience, thanks to VR. Easily and by far the most unique VR experience of Computex, and a creative way in which Cooler Master allows its products to be used in all sorts of environments, catering to an ever expanding and diverse group of individuals. Creativity and expression was the order of the day. From such vivid experiences to assisting streamers such as Tim “MSSH_NL”, you couldn’t find a more diverse collection of projects and collaborators anywhere else. All with one thing in common and that was they were doing what they do best with Cooler Master as not only a partner but using a variety of products from the brand to bring their vision to fruition.

Robotics (Large)

From robotics to design, Cooler Master had it all on show. If you weren’t convinced that the brand was truly moving in a new direction last year, this year drove the point home and as it stands, they are in a position to bring a great many more products and solutions to the market which they otherwise would not have been able to previously, focused on the saturated and often misunderstood “gaming peripherals” market.

FlowOp Technology (Large)

Regarding products which one may purchase today or in the near future, Cooler Master had several interesting offerings, including but not limited to the Master Liquid Pro coolers with FlowOp technology. Unlike many, if not all other blocks on the market, Cooler Master has managed to build a block and pump assembly that separates the cool liquid from the warm outgoing liquid. Not only does this increase the lifespan of the pump, but aids in providing even better cooling capabilities. In a market which has largely stagnated, Cooler Master has introduced true innovation which is bound to be duplicated by competitors as well.

Where chassis are concerned, improved and slightly more aggressive versions of the Maker cases were on display. Despite the obvious changes, they kept the clean angular lines and thus did not lose out in perusing this more aggressive aesthetic. Of particular interest was the Master Case 6 chassis with its simple yet elegant design. It hides immense room within and a number of distinguishing features that set it apart from the many offerings on the market. Silence seems to be the major selling point and to that end, there are several noise dampening and deadening panels used to reduce fan noise and vibrations within the chassis. This however isn’t achieved at the cost of thermal performance as the top may be lifted to further enhance air flow for the components within. Again this is done in an elegant manner which has actually enhanced the aesthetic appeal by some margin. One only wishes that it came in larger sizes, but as things stand, it is certainly one of the more intriguing case designs from Cooler Master.

MAster Watt Maker 1200 (Large)Keyboards (Large)


Persp (Large)

Another interesting addition to the Cooler Master family were the MasterWatt PSUs and in particular the MasterWatt Maker 1200W PSU. This of course is CoolerMaster’s most high-end PSU and to date their most advanced. As it is a digital PSU with an 80 Plus Titanium rating, it is set to be amongst the best PSUs money can buy, easily vying for a top three spot. Using a 3D circuit design, it is smaller than the competition’s offerings but could potentially be just as good if not better. Given Cooler Master’s exceptional expertise at PSU manufacturing, chances are this will be the defining PSU in Cooler Master’s entire existence.

Maker Hub 2 (Large)Maker Hub (Large)








Keeping in line with the Maker theme and further commitment by Cooler Master to the community it serves, there was the Maker Hub. In essence this allows case modders and other creative individuals to make 3rd party panels and accessories for the Maker series of cases. When these are approved by the powers that be at Cooler Master (of course after meeting specific criteria, not limited to quality and functionality), they are made available to the general public for purchase. More than that however, the Maker Hub is essentially a meeting space for creators or “makers” if you will, that come together and exchange ideas and collaborate on a number of projects. From artists, to content creators and beyond.

Overall, Cooler Master did a fantastic job this year, improving on almost every product and especially in presentation. This version of Cooler Master is light years ahead of what used to be and the products are a testament to that change. We will hopefully examine a number of the products shown at Computex in the near future.


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