DOOM‘s campaign has been a m-m-m-monster megahit, but the multiplayer – not so much. It’s not that it’s exactly bad, but cheaters and an inscrutable lack of admin tools and private match features have all but… doomed the game’s multiplayer into irrelevance. Anybody? No? Okay. Anyway, the team over at id Software is working on a solution.

“There’s certainly no lack of commitment to Doom as a multiplayer game on our side. We are already working on private matches with custom game settings and expect to include that in a free update this summer,” the game’s executive producer Marty Stratton told Eurogamer.  “We feel like this will meet the greatest immediate needs of most players, like those wanting to use private matches to avoid cheaters, play exclusively with friends or setup competitive options.”

He also mentioned that bots would be added to the game in the future, when the studio’s bot guy isn’t so busy with other stuff.

“Our bot system was actually written by one of our long-time senior programmers, John Dean, known online as ‘Maleficus’, who also wrote the Return to Castle Wolfenstein Fritz bot and the bots in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, so he does great work with bots. But John also just happens to be our internal lead programmer on SnapMap, so he’s very busy.”

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